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    Mud Mixing System

    FD Petrol offers complete line equipment for drilling mud mixing ,including mud mixing tank, mixing pump, mixing hopper, shearing pump, mud agitators and mud guns to facilitate the operators with changing or maintain drilling fluids density or viscosity

    Betonies, polymer or chemical compound additives are added to venturi hopper at speed of 40kg/min which is stored in the mud mixing tank, mud agitator, mud guns and shearing pump are added to assist in achieving the best suitable mud properties.

    Mud Mixing System(图1)
    Shearing pump and venturi hopper can be mounted on a single separated skid or on the storage tank skid as a complete unit, which is more convenient in transportation.

    Model QB-120
    Capacity 120m³/h
    Head 45m
    Impeller 280mm
    Speed 2200rpm
    Efficiency >95%
    Power 55 kw
    Dimension 1150*1000*1250mm
    Weight 980 kg
    Drilling mud mixing system not only for solids control mud mixing but also for liquid mud plant project for mixing and storing drilling fluids for oil and gas exploration. The liquid mud plant includes a skid mounted mixing tank assembly, a skid mounted pump assembly, a plurality of nestable storage tanks, and a piping assembly.

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