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    Centrifugal Mud Cleaner

    The traditional desander, desilter or mud cleaner uses hydrocyclone as the core part of solid-liquid separation.
    Their disadvantages are high energy consumption (the cyclone driven by a 55KW or 75 kW sand pump) and also unstable de-sanding effect (clogging, abrasion, pressure instability, etc. affect the separation), so the equipment efficiency is not high. FD Petrol designed a centrifugal desander to solve the above problems.

    The centrifugal de-sander/Desilter working principle is a big diameter bowl low-speed centrifuge, but because of its specially designed drum structure, it is suitable for super high volume mud processing, and it can remove sand without reducing the mud weight when processing heavy mud.Both fixed speed and VFD speed are available.Watch our centrifugal mud cleaner working video at jobsite

    Model Bowl Diameter Treating Capacity Power Speed Dimension Weight
    FDCDS-200 650mm 200m³/hour 55kw 1350rpm 2.3*1.5*1.8m 2980KG

    Centrifugal Mud Cleaner(图1)

    FD centrifugal desander/desilter/mud cleaner advantages

    1.Low energy consumption compared with traditional mud cleaner 
    2.Better treatment result that can separate even less than 45 microns cuttings
    3.Flexible speed and capacity adjustment ,better control the mud weight 
    4.Less pipelines requirement and more effactive volume for the mud tanks 
    5.Less maintainance and consumable spare parts 

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