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    2018 Oman OGWA March 26-28 ,Muscat

    It is a platform for discussing the latest developments and directions of the industry, as well as for trade and business opportunities among the local and international oil and gas companies. Launched in 1998, it has since been under the pa…
    CLASSES:Exhibitions TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-03-06 14:56:33

    Brine Mixing & Filtration System for Oman

    The Brine Mixing & Filtration Unit is used to filter brines such as NaCl and CaCl2 brines for Completion fluids.The purpose of filtering completion fluid or well bore clean up fluids, also known as brine is to prevent the downhole contaminat…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-01-10 15:23:00

    6 Cuttings Dryer System for Shale Gas Drilling

    FD Petrol has delivered total 14 cuttings dryer system to Chinese largest shale gas drilling company,…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-12-03 20:34:00

    8 Rigs Solids Control Equipment for Russia

    FD Petrol keeps on getting solids control orders from Russia,this time,we are awarded for 8 rigs solids control system…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-11-22 19:44:00

    8 Rigs Trailer Mounted Dewatering Unit for Russia

    Further to our 8 rigs solids control system for Russian client,they purchased another 8 dewatering unit from FD Petrol…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-10-13 20:07:00

    2017 MIOGE Moscow Russian Exhibition

    FD Petrol solids control company participate the 2017 MIOGE with our shale shaker,mud cleaner and centrifuge…
    CLASSES:Exhibitions TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-06-26 14:21:00

    2016 CIPPE Beijing China

    FD Petrol participate the 2016 CIPPE in Beijing with our new products like solidification unit and cuttings dryer screen …
    CLASSES:Exhibitions TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2016-03-31 14:53:00
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