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    HMC Mud Cleaner Delivery to Client

    Since lauched into market in 2019,FD Petrol HMC mud cleaner recieved lots of doubt whether it can replace the traditional mud cleaner with better performance an...…
    CLASSES:Solids Control AUTHOR:小编 DATA:2024-05-27 10:30:21

    High Standard Centrifuge for World Leading Oilfield Service

    FD Petrol design and manufacture one set high standard big volume oilfield centrifuge for world leading oilfield service company ,it is the first time that the ...…
    CLASSES:Solids Control AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-06-21 09:33:17

    High Speed Decanter Centrifuge Delivery to India

    Origin from UAE ,FD Petrol high speed centrifuge delivered to India waste management service company.…
    CLASSES:Solids Control AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-11-22 14:42:16

    Ten HDD Mud Recycling System Ready for Delivery

    Ten complete mud system for HDD contractor are ready for delivery…
    CLASSES:Solids Control AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-11-21 12:49:53

    Two Rigs Packages Solids Control System for Oilfield Service

    FD Petrol supporting one international oilfield service company to provide two rigs packages solids control system…
    CLASSES:Solids Control AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-11-01 14:41:35

    Solids Control Equipment for ZPEC Two Rigs

    FD Petrol is a frequent supplier to ZPEC ,which is an internationally known drilling engineering contractor and manufacturer of petroleum drilling equipment. Th...…
    CLASSES:Solids Control AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-03-06 14:17:58

    Dry location drilling system for JHD

    FD Petrol dry location drilling system including dewatering centrifuge,high G dryer unit and solidification unit working jobsite …
    CLASSES:Solids Control AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-12-20 14:07:13

    Solids control system for Mogolia drilling company

    CLASSES:Solids Control AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-12-20 13:57:16

    FD Petrol Drilling Waste Management & Solids Control & Rig Camp