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    China Thermal Desorption Unit for Refinery Oily Sludge Treat

    Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) is an energy recovery system which removes the chemical contaminants from soil ,oily sludge and other solids waste by heating the ...…
    CLASSES:Waste Management AUTHOR:admin DATA:2021-05-26 09:33:37

    Cuttings Dryer Airfreighted to Africa Jobsite

    FD Petrol vertical cuttings dryer is the most compact unit in the world ,we always have stock for urgent project .Just recentlt we airfreighted one unit to Afri...…
    CLASSES:Waste Management AUTHOR:admin DATA:2021-04-22 14:07:59

    9 Containers DWM System Equipment for Africa

    FD Petrol supported our Africa partners got 1 lot tender for the National Drilling Company project ,only after two months of got purchasing order from our Afric...…
    CLASSES:Waste Management AUTHOR:admin DATA:2019-10-08 18:57:53

    Cuttings Dryer Unit Delivered to Sichuan Project

    FD Petrol delivered another oil based mud drill cuttings dryer unit to Sichuan waste management service client.…
    CLASSES:Waste Management AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-11-22 20:27:31

    Finish Training for Dewatering Unit & Delivery

    FD Petrol finished one week training of dewatering unit for clients engineer.…
    CLASSES:Waste Management AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-11-22 15:02:29

    16th OBM Waste Management System for Shale Gas Driilling Pro

    FD Petrol NO. 16th OBM waste management system delivered to PetroChina shale gas drilling project since 2014.…
    CLASSES:Waste Management AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-11-01 15:01:39

    FD Petrol No.15 OBM Waste Management System Delivered for Sh

    FD Petrol No.15 OBM Waste Management System Delivered for Shale Gas Drilling Project ,since 2014…
    CLASSES:Waste Management AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-11-01 15:00:22

    WBM drilling waste management for Zhongyuan Drilling

    FD Petrol total waste management system working for Zhongyuan drilling company in Mongolia.…
    CLASSES:Waste Management AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-12-17 20:56:46

    FD Petrol Drilling Waste Management & Solids Control & Rig Camp