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    100m Distance Cuttings Transfer Pump

    FD Petrol cuttings transfer pump can transfer the water based mud ,oil based mud,oily sludge to 100 meters …
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2019-10-30 00:37:00

    Verti G Works for WBM Drilling Waste Management

    FD Petrol patented screen technology Verti G makes it possible for WBM drilling waste management without plugging.…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2019-09-09 23:29:00

    SGL-02 Verti G Training Test With OBM Waste

    FD Petrol SGL-02 verti G cuttings dryer at clients jobsite,the drill waste is collected by cuttings skip and tested at clients factory.…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-06-21 22:57:00

    HDD Mud Recycling System

    FD Petrol compact HDD mud recovery system combined of double deck shale shaker and desander unit works in our client jobsite and get great performance …
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-03-06 15:09:00

    High Standard Oilfield Camp

    FD Petrol manufactured oilfield camps since 1995,our valued overseas customers including Saipem,Saudi Aramco,Shell,Oasis Petroluem,NIDC,NDC,IOEC,SONATRACH,PDVSA,Cuba Oil,Nabors Drilling etc.…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-12-14 01:40:35

    Max Dry DW2000 Centrifuge for Sludge Treatment

    Based on client requirement,the treated sludge should contain less than 20% moisture ,it is a great challenge for industry centrifuge,FD Petrol MAX DRY DW2000 DEWATERING CENTRIFUGE has achieved 17% mositure and perfect meet client requiremen…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-10-03 19:35:00

    High G Dryer For Waste Cuttings Treatment

    High G dryer shaker for shale gas drilling water based mud cuttings treatment…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-03-22 13:06:00

    Solidification Unit Working for WBM Waste Management

    The solidification process operates continuously, requires pre-set solidification chemistry to be added to the waste when it is pumped or loaded into the solidification unit, a vacuum chemical feed system introduces the solidification agent…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2016-03-22 01:53:00
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