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    FD Petrol Group Company is a China based ISO certified specialized manufacturer for solids control, drilling waste management equipment and rig camps.
    Headquartered in Cangzhou city,Heibei Province,China ,FD Petrol covers more than 300,000 square meters with more than 600 employees and 4 subsidiaries company operating in China ,UAE & Russia.
    15,000 square meters base and warehouse in Hamriyah Free Zone of Sharjah UAE ,serving the worldwide oil and gas drilling industry.

    FD Petrol Strengths Overview 
    R&D Ability: First Oilfield Decanter Centrifuge in China since 1997 
                         First and Patented Cuttings Dryer in China since 2010
                         First Dewatering Unit in China since 2015
    Management System: ISO 9001,ISO 29001,Russian CU-TR
    Certified Personnel: RT,PT,MT certified personnel to fabricate mud storage tanks. Strictly follow WPS and PQR requirement.
    Chemical Lab: Professional engineers and lab test equipment to provide total solutions for chemical dosing and fixation
    Test Center
    : OBM&WBM test platform consist of mud, storage tank, pipe system, control system to test our equipment performance.




    FD Petrol Drilling Waste Management & Solids Control & Rig Camp