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     2014FD Petrol Group Company was established to replace Cangzhou Huabei Petroleum Feida Drilling and Production Co;ltd

             First overseas manufacture base in Free Zone  of Sharjah with area of 20,000 square meters.

             Expansion camp and Australia standard camp were developed.

    2013National Hi-tech enterprise was awarded .

            ISO 9001;2008,ISO/TS certificate and steel structure engineering certificate.

            Water based mud dewatering unit was developed, water discharged reach state two level

            OBM drilling waste management systems operated in Shell Oil Nigeria,CNPC-Daqing and SINOPEC.

            Drilling mud cooler system was awarded with national patent .

            Oilfield mobile hotel and oilfield department were developed.

    2012Oilfield camp manufactured by FD Petrol reach 10,000 units

           Hebei province hi-tech enterprise ,area economic development contribution award.

           Trailer mounted DWM system,camp site sewage treatment device were developed.

         National patent rewards for SGL-01 cuttings dryer,drilling waste management system,screw conveyor,barite mixing device and electric magnet worm break cooling system.

    2011Got radiation safety license and special container manufacture license.

            SGL-01 vertical cuttings dryer successfully operated in Xinjiang oilfield and got 3.78%OOC.

    2010Low noise generator room was developed .

            First generation vertical cuttings dryer was developed.

            FD Petrol Dubai UAE office was established.

    2009Bullet proof camp was developed and exported to Sudan,Iraq and Afghanistan .

             Got CNPC-GWDC material supply certicaite.

    2008Big bow big volume FD -1860 high speed centrifuge was developed.

            R&D work for SGL-01 cuttings dryer.

             R&D center for high standard oilfield camp was established.

    2007Cangzhou Boda petroleum equipment company was established.

             Drilltech drilling equipment company was established.

    2004Second generation LW450-1250N high speed decanter centrifuge was developed.

    2003Technical partnership with China University of Petroleum.

    2002Cangzhou Huabei Petroleum Feida Drilling and Production Co,ltd was established.

    2001CNPC export network certificate .

    2000Second generation LW355-1250 decanter centrifuge & first generation LW450-1250 decanter centrifuge were developed.

    1999FD Petrol solids control Co;ltd was established.

            Shear pump,centrifugal pump were developed.

    1998Oilfield camps were exported together with CNPC,SINOPEC and CNOOC 300 drilling teams.

    1997Shale shaker, mud cleaner and LW355-1250 decanter centrifuge were developed.

    1995Huabei Petroleum Feida Corporation was established ,with brand FD Petrol .

             Skid mounted ,trailer mounted ,container converted camps were developed.


    FD Petrol Drilling Waste Management & Solids Control & Rig Camp