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    Centrifugal Pump

    FD Petrol SB series centrifugal pump or sand pump is an important equipment for oil and gas drilling rig mud recycling system, these pumps are widely used to mix and transfer abrasive and corrosive drilling fluids or other similar property fluids material. It is the best feeding pump for desander,desilter,mud cleaner, mud mixing system, and mud pump.

    Centrifugal Pump(图1) Centrifugal Pump(图2)
    FD Petrol Centrifugal Pump Specs

    Model Treating Capacity Head Speed Power Impeller Size
    SB8x6-13 240(m³/h) 37m 1480rpm 75KW 13 Inch
    SB8x6-12 200(m³/h) 33m 1480rpm 45/55KW 12 Inch
    SB6x5-12 180(m³/h) 31m 1480rpm 37/45KW 12 Inch
    SB6x5-11.5 150(m³/h) 28m 1480rpm 30KW 11.5 Inch
    SB4x3-10 90(m³/h) 25m 1470rpm 15KW 10 Inch
    SB4x3-9.5 80(m³/h) 24m 1460rpm 11KW 9.5 Inch
    SB4x3-9 55(m³/h) 18m 1440rpm 7.5KW 9 Inch

    FD SB Centrifugal Pump Features and Benefits
    1.Mechanical seal centrifugal pump for near zero leakage
    2.Open impeller design reduces stuffing box pressure and extends the wear plate service life
    3.Concentric casings creates a smooth flow pattern that reduces eddy flow patterns and wear for centrifugal pump
    4.Double life abrasive and corrosive resistant impeller material
    5.FD SB series centrifugal pump all spare parts are interchangeable with industry standard pump
    6.Complete line of centrifugal pumps ,size range from 4x3 to 8x6 

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