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    Fire Fighting Service Station for Beijing Client

    FD Petrol modular cabins are used in fire fighting service station .…
    CLASSES:Company News AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-12-17 14:57:37

    Power Generation Room for Jiangsu State Grid

    FD Petrol supplied a batch of power generation room for Jiangsu stage grid client .…
    CLASSES:Company News AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-12-17 14:48:21

    Modular Hospital Room for Zhuhai Client

    FD Petrol modular cabins are used in construction hospital in Zhuhai …
    CLASSES:Company News AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-12-17 14:43:20

    State Grid Power Transmission Control Room

    Since four years ago,FD Petrol portable cabins started to use in State Grid electrical equipment and system transmission control area,every year it becomes anot...…
    CLASSES:Company News AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-12-17 14:21:26

    750hp rig solids control system for South East Asia client

    750hp workover rig solids control system deivered to Southeast Asia drilling service client .…
    CLASSES:Company News AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-12-04 15:55:05

    Trailer Mounted Rig Camp for Algeria Client

    FD Petrol finished production of one set rig camp for Algeria client ,the camp is trailer mounted ,will be delivered to Algeria soon.…
    CLASSES:Company News AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-12-04 15:39:52

    80Tons/Hour Cuttings Dryer For Waste Management

    FD Petrol second batch super high capacity cuttings dryer for waste management was ready for delivery to Africa jobsite…
    CLASSES:Company News AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-12-01 15:49:10

    Modular Skid Waste Management System for Offshore

    FD Petrol designed and manufactured two modular skid mounted drilling waste management system for China offshore Service Limited Company …
    CLASSES:Company News AUTHOR:admin DATA:2020-12-01 15:04:08

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