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    Shell Nigeria OBM Drilling Waste Management

    FD Petrol OBM drilling waste management system operated in Shell Nigeria since 2013 ,MI OBM drilling fluids systems are utilized.The cuttings were transported by screw conveyor to SGL-01 cuttings dryer ,after treatment ,it becomes dust-like…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-12-14 02:11:00

    SGL-01 Cuttings Discharged & Oil Recovered

    This video is part of our OBM drilling waste management cuttings dryer working video from drilling jobsite.To help our clients understand how cuttings are discharged and fluids are recovered.…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-09-09 02:11:00

    CNPC Daqing Oilfield OBM Drilling Waste Management

    Daqing oilfield locates in North Easte of China ,is the largest oilfield in China ,the drilling and exploration work since year 1960 ,made of 48 oil and gas field . Most of which use oil based drilling fluids.…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-06-27 02:19:00

    PetroChina Shale Gas Drilling Waste Management

    During shale gas drilling oil based drilling fluids was used ,while China goverment has strict regulations on drilling waste management since the end of 2013,we feel great honor to participate in the project and make contribution to protect …
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-04-24 02:18:00

    Ecuador Water Based Mud Dewatering Uni

    FD Petrol WBM DWM system configure differently as to meet different level discharge regulations. FD Petrol WBM DWM system integrate HGD unit, catch tank, decanter centrifuge unit, mud mixer and mud lab unit, pressure unit, filter and reve…
    CLASSES:Videos TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-12-02 02:20:00
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