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    Complete Dry Location Drilling System

    FD Petrol Pitless drilling and waste management system work in the most sensitive residential area.…
    CLASSES:News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2016-02-10 23:26:00

    Separation System for Soil Remediation Project

    FD Petrol high G dryer shakers and decanter centrifuge serve for soil washing project …
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2015-04-07 20:59:00

    SGL-02 Dryer Free of Flush&Avoid Plugging Even for LCM

    For any screen separation technology, plugging issue is a big headache. Have you operated any cuttings dryer and flush it very frequently because of plugging problem?…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2015-01-15 17:01:01

    2015 March CIPPE Beijing

    FD Petrol have booked 375 square meters booth and will present at CIPPE 2015 again in Beijing China, we hope you will take time to visit our stand and look forward to see you there.…
    CLASSES:Exhibitions TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2015-01-08 10:30:11

    More Than 10 Cuttings Dryer System for Shale Gas Drilling

    As China’s breakthrough in pressure fracturing and horizontal directional drilling on shale gas exploration, with the success of SINOPEC Sichuan jobsite, output is not a big problem.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-11-28 10:46:00

    FD Petrol ADIPEC Show Arouses the Attention of MENA

    At ADIPEC 30 year’s anniversary, FD Petrol is proud of being one of the exhibitors and give good first impressed to MENA customers.Our 20000 square meters factory in UAE Shajah will give better delivery and service for MENA customers.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-11-25 10:39:00

    The Successful Closing of EXPO Oil and Gas 2014 Colombia

    FD Petrol presented ourself at Expo Oil & Gas Colombia taking place November 4-7 at Corferias in Bogotá, Colombia.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-11-14 10:44:00

    SGL-02 Cuttings Dryer Replace American Cuttings Dryer

    We strongly recommend all customers to see another impressive and shocking news from Sicuan shale gas drilling waste management project.Before China has its own Verti G cuttings dryer,all drilling contractors have to use American brand.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-09-27 10:35:00
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