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    FD Petrol ADIPEC Show Arouses the Attention of MENA

    At ADIPEC 30 year’s anniversary, FD Petrol is proud of being one of the exhibitors and give good first impressed to MENA customers.Our 20000 square meters factory in UAE Shajah will give better delivery and service for MENA customers.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-11-25 10:39:00

    The Successful Closing of EXPO Oil and Gas 2014 Colombia

    FD Petrol presented ourself at Expo Oil & Gas Colombia taking place November 4-7 at Corferias in Bogotá, Colombia.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-11-14 10:44:00

    SGL-02 Cuttings Dryer Replace American Cuttings Dryer

    We strongly recommend all customers to see another impressive and shocking news from Sicuan shale gas drilling waste management project.Before China has its own Verti G cuttings dryer,all drilling contractors have to use American brand.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-09-27 10:35:00

    Verti G Cuttings Dryer Shine on CIPPE Shanghai Show

    FD Petrol drilling waste management cuttings dryer SGL-02 model has successfuly finished its show in CIPPE Shanghai ,CIPPE is the largest oil drilling equipment show in Asia ,every year it is hold twice in March and August.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-08-31 10:30:00

    Verti G SGL-02 Cuttings Dryer Brand New Design

    It has been four years since FD Petrol Verti G SGL-01 Cuttings Dryer come into appearance ,the first model we designed is simple in function and easy in operation,painted with bright yellow color ,straight edge looks like transformer .…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-08-03 10:28:00

    Drilling Waste Zero Discharge Closed Loop System

    FD Petrol OBM drilling waste management vertical cuttings dryer ,decanter centrifuge ,screw conveyors,screw pump,catch tank,cuttings skip together with WBM drilling waste management dewatering unit which consist of Hi G dryer unit,decanter c…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-07-27 10:20:00

    2014 Iran Oil Show Highlight

    FD Petrol has total drilling waste management solutions for water based mud and oil based mud by chemical enhanced dewatering unit and vertical cuttings dryer system. The two systems have been proved to be efficient in jobsite operation, can…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-06-03 10:12:00

    2014 CIPPE Oil Show Great Success for FD Petrol

    CIPPE as the largest oil&gas drilling equipment show in the world takes place from 19th to 21th March at every year of the time .FD Petrol Group Company booked a 270 square meters booth ,took our OBM&WBM drilling waste management system,Aust…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-03-27 10:05:00
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