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    SGL-01 Cuttings Dryer Beat CSI for SINOPEC Project

    SINOPEC as one of the three biggest NOC in China take active actions in proecting the enviroment during oil&gas drilling .FD Petrol win the tender for OBM drilling waste management from SINOPEC beating CSI cuttings dryer and MI-Swaco in late…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-12-24 13:49:00

    Drilling Waste Management Business Future

    The global drilling waste management market is expected to grow to approximately $8 billion by 2018, at a CAGR of more than 10% from 2013 to 2018.…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-11-12 13:55:00

    China Cuttings Dryer Utility Model Patent

    Drilling waste management cuttings dryer system utility model patent…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-11-07 13:52:00

    China Cuttings Dryer Design Patent

    Congratulate on FD Petrol was awarded oil drilling cuttings dryer design patent certificate by State Intelectual Property Office Of The People’s Rebulic Of China .Patent No.ZL 2012 3 0002095.2…
    CLASSES:Company News TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-12-27 13:54:00
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