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    FD Petrol Bullet Proof Camps in COSL Sudan Project

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-07-27 12:43:00

    Shell Petroleum China Drilling Waste Management Project

    The drilling waste management system including cuttings dryer ,high speed decanter centrifuge ,catch tank,screw feed pump were in operation in Shell Oil China OBM drilling waste management job site. from 6th,May 2012 to 21 th ,May 2012, tota…
    CLASSES:Drilling Waste Management TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-07-23 09:53:00

    High Speed Decanter Centrifuge for SINOPEC Drilling Company

    Three high speed decanter centrifuges from stock have packed and ready to send to Sinopec 012 drilling company,it is a famous drilling engineering contrctor company established in 1983 with 45 sets drilling rigs. …
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-07-09 10:50:00

    FD Camps in Kazakhstan

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-06-04 13:18:00

    FD Caravans in Oman

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-05-09 11:55:00

    Xinjiang Oilfield Drill Waste Management Project

    The SGL-01 cuttings dryer manufactured by FD Petrol was in operation in Xinjiang oil drilling company, from 23th,November 2011 to 9 th, December 2011, totally 17days 85 hours. During this period, the well depths was drilled from 2890m to 352…
    CLASSES:Drilling Waste Management TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2011-12-31 10:41:00

    FD Caravans for CUPET (Cuba Oil)

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2011-11-16 11:52:00

    FD trailer mounted camps in Mongolia job site

    FD trailer mounted camps in Mongolia job site…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2010-08-12 11:43:00
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