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    Decanter Centrifuges for CNPC Drilling Engineering Company

    One 40 ft container of three decanter centrifuges ,feed pumps and one year spare parts are ready for delivery for CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited drilling waste management projects.…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-11-06 10:51:00

    Ecuador WBM Drilling Waste Management Project

    FD Petrol ,the place where first China oilfield decanter centrifuge was born ,fully integrate our R&D technical advantages ,cooperate with drilling fluids company ,invited the first dewatering unit in China ,after testing in China oilfield ,…
    CLASSES:Drilling Waste Management TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-10-17 10:07:00

    FD Camps in Thailand

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-09-19 13:10:00

    FD Camps in Russia Oilfield

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-08-27 13:11:00

    FD water treatment room in Parkistan

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-08-26 11:59:00

    FD Petrol 320 Persons Camp Site for Iraq

    The project is for CNPC CPECC Iraq oilfiled accomodation construction ,for CPECC 120 persons living area, office area and 200 foreign staffs ,including accomodations and maitanence workshop,total construction area more than 40,000 square me…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-08-17 12:37:00

    PetroChina GWDC Drilling Waste Management Project

    FD Petrol cuttngs dryer system was in operation in CNPC Great Wall Drilling Company OBM drilling waste management project , from 12th,March 2012 to 30 th ,March 2012, totally 19days 72 hours. During this period, the well depths was drilled f…
    CLASSES:Drilling Waste Management TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-08-07 09:59:00

    FD Petrol Camps in Congo

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-08-03 13:13:00
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