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    SGL-01 cuttings dryer VS international famous brand(2)

    Here is another case study for FD SGL-01 VS international famous brand ,jobsite is in Africa oilfield ,OBM is adopted.Chinese mud servicing company used FD SGL-01 cuttings dryer to do the drilling waste management job,beside is international…
    CLASSES:Drilling Waste Management TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-02-25 10:34:00

    HSE Fire Water Tank&Nested Water Tank to Algeria

    Fire water tank connected with foam tank as important part of fire fighting system in drilling rig location is a neccessary system for security protection .Fire water tanks supply the water resources for foam tank .This system is a special f…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-02-04 11:12:00

    SGL-01 cuttings dryer VS international famous brand(1)

    FD Petrol SGL-01 vertical cuttings dryer is the best choice for oil based mud drilling waste management ,FD P etrol as first vertical cuttings dryer manufacture in China would like to present our cuttings dryer performance VS international f…
    CLASSES:Drilling Waste Management TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-01-13 15:36:00

    SINOPEC OBM Drilling Waste Management Project

    SINOPEC as one of the three largest NOC in China fully awares of the improtance of drilling waste management in oil and gas drilling operations.In a tender in end of 2013 ,FD Petrol drilling waste management system beat CSI and got the proje…
    CLASSES:Drilling Waste Management TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-12-02 10:11:00

    Trailer Mounted Overhead Diesel Tank to Russia

    FD Petrol has dilivered five units trailer mounted overhead diesel tank to Russia.The diesel tank total volume is 50m³,composed of main diesel tank 45m³ and the overhead tank 5 m³.…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-11-06 11:08:00

    FD Petrol Camps for PDVSA project

    PDVSA is theVenezuela state-ownedoilandnatural gascompany.It has activities in exploration, production, refining and exporting oil, as well as exploration and production of natural gas.Since its founding on 1 January 1976 with thenationaliz…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-11-05 13:06:00

    Container Converted camps for Kerui Group

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-09-03 12:59:00

    FD Camps for Waha Oil Libya

    Wahaoil company is one of the major nationalcompanies engaged in the field of oil and gas production , its incorporation date was in 1955, when oasis oil company was incorporated as an operator for three American companies . Waha oil compan…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-08-17 12:26:00
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