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    10 Decanter Centrifuges&4Shale Shaker&Mud Cleaner

    It is a famous drilling company who ordered 10 units 14inch solids control decanter centrifuges ,4 uints FDZS225I linear mothion shale shaker and 2 units mud cleaner and 10 screw feeding pump,two venturi mud hoppers.The equipment are separat…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-04-22 11:14:00

    1500HP Drilling Rig Solids Control System To CNPC-CCDE

    This is the 10th batch drilling rig complete solid control system manufactured by FD Petrol for CCDE 1500 hp drilling rig,which including four phase solids control system and mixing system…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-03-22 11:21:00

    HSE Fire Water Tank&Nested Water Tank to Algeria

    Fire water tank connected with foam tank as important part of fire fighting system in drilling rig location is a neccessary system for security protection .Fire water tanks supply the water resources for foam tank .This system is a special f…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-02-04 11:12:00

    Trailer Mounted Overhead Diesel Tank to Russia

    FD Petrol has dilivered five units trailer mounted overhead diesel tank to Russia.The diesel tank total volume is 50m³,composed of main diesel tank 45m³ and the overhead tank 5 m³.…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-11-06 11:08:00

    Decanter Centrifuges for CNPC Drilling Engineering Company

    One 40 ft container of three decanter centrifuges ,feed pumps and one year spare parts are ready for delivery for CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited drilling waste management projects.…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-11-06 10:51:00

    High Speed Decanter Centrifuge for SINOPEC Drilling Company

    Three high speed decanter centrifuges from stock have packed and ready to send to Sinopec 012 drilling company,it is a famous drilling engineering contrctor company established in 1983 with 45 sets drilling rigs. …
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-07-09 10:50:00
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