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    Skid Mounted Camp for COSL

    FD Petrol 8 units skid mounted camp for COSL have been finished inspection by third party DV and ready for delivery .…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-08-11 13:46:00

    44 Caravans & 2 Water Tanks to Iraq Oilfield

    With the advantages of short delivery time, mature manufacturing process and good quality , FD Petrol successfully get an order of 44 caravans and 2 water tanks from big refining and chemical company for living campsite construction in Iraq …
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-07-04 10:17:00

    Maintenance Workshop & Pipe Slacking Block for Nabors Dr

    20 units maintenance workshop and 5 units pipe slackling block have been finished and ready for deliveryto Nabors drilling Saudi Arabia jobsite.…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-06-12 10:17:00

    FD Petrol Camps for Saudi Aramco

    Saudi Aramco is one of the worlds largest oil and gas companies ,after months of technical communications and confirmations ,FD Petrol won the tender of suppling oilfield camps to Saudi Aramco.This symblize China FD Petrol camps is ranking…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2014-04-19 13:23:00

    FD Petrol Camps for PDVSA project

    PDVSA is theVenezuela state-ownedoilandnatural gascompany.It has activities in exploration, production, refining and exporting oil, as well as exploration and production of natural gas.Since its founding on 1 January 1976 with thenationaliz…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-11-05 13:06:00

    Container Converted camps for Kerui Group

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-09-03 12:59:00

    FD Camps for Waha Oil Libya

    Wahaoil company is one of the major nationalcompanies engaged in the field of oil and gas production , its incorporation date was in 1955, when oasis oil company was incorporated as an operator for three American companies . Waha oil compan…
    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2013-08-17 12:26:00

    FD Camps in Thailand

    CLASSES:Oilfield Camp TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2012-09-19 13:10:00
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