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    DW2000 Centrifuge

    DW2000 high speed ,high pulling torque VFD centrifuge is a newly and specially designed centrifuge for dewatering use. Main function is the retreatment for the water based mud and oil based mud drilling waste. It can replace traditional solids control centrifuge, with better performance,especially when treating with 70% high solids content , 1.8g/cm³ high mud weight drill waste.


    FD Petrol DW2000 decanter centrifuge utilize 316L stainless steel material bowl, screw conveyor welded with tungsten carbide tile , matched with advanced PLC panel special designed for drilling waste management treatment.It is the best partner for SGL-02 cuttings dryer.

    Drilling Waste Management Centrifuge Specs
    Model  DW-2000
    Bowl Diameter 14 inch
    Bowl Length 57 inch
    Max Design Speed 4000RPM
    Max Operation Speed 0-3400RPM
    G Force 3180 G
    Max Design Torque 12000Nm
    Max Working Torque 7000Nm
    Control Panel PLC Stainless Steel Explosion Proof
    Screw Protection  Tungsten Carbide Tile
                Electrical Components ABB&Schneider

    Waste Management Centrifuge Features

    1.Optimized fluids inlet system minimized the breakage for the material during feeding, result in more effective treatment
    2.The inside structure adjustment satisfy the high percentage solids contain in drilling waste retreatment and big volume solids discharge requirement .Our high pulling torque and power features design can meet different worksite needs.For oil based mud treatment ,oil on the solids 10%-13%
    3.According to different geology requirement for drilling waste treatment, the electric control system adopt VFD design for main motor, back motor and pump motor ,ABB frequency convertor,explosion proof control panel .Compact and stable in operation, fast and convenient in maintenance .
    4.Anti-plug system, when plug happens, the centrifuge will enter into automatic control, eliminate the plug,make the centrifuge work normal again, completely eliminate centrifuge bowl plug problem.

    FD Petrol single screw pump is a kind of positive displacement pump, which can deliver media with different density and viscosity ,the best feeding pump for decanter centrifuge.Rigid rotorrotates in the elastic stator (usually made of rubber) to deliver medium. In addition, rotor is a rod component with single-end external thread, while stator is a sleeve component with double-end internal thread, which forms a continuous sealing line in a threaded shape. At the time of working, the seal cavity, which is formed by threaded sealline, moves forward continuously to deliver media in the cavity.

    FD LGB Positive Displacement Pump Spec

    Pump Model LGB25 LGB60
    Capacity 4.5-25m³/h 40-60m³/h
    Working Pressure 0.3Mpa
    Speed 80-400RPM
    Motor 7.5kw Explosion Proof  11kw Explosion Proof
    Fluids Touch Material SS316L
    Speed Adjustable  By Handrail

    FD Petrol Drilling Waste Management & Solids Control & Rig Camp