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    Cuttings Transfer Pump

    In order to move the drill cuttings which generated by the solids control equipment more convinient ,FD Petrol cuttings transfer pumps were developed to achieve short distance transfer.The material can be transfered by our cuttings pump not limited to the drill waste ,cuttings,slurry ,mud,tank bottom waste etc.The FD Petrol cuttings transfer pump is designed to move slurry with solids content as high as 70-80%,it is the ideal application for drill cuttings .Watch FD Petrol cuttings pump working video

    Model Capacity Pressure Power Distance Dimension  Weight 
    FDTS15-22 15(m³/h)      6 Mpa 15kw     100m 2.6*1.1*1.3m 1700KG
    FDTS-20-30 20(m³/h)      8 Mpa 20kw     120m 3.9*1.1*1.3m 1900KG
    FDTS-30-45 30(m³/h)     10 Mpa 30kw     140m 4.5*1.5*1.8m 3000KG
    FDTS-40-55 40(m³/h)     10 Mpa 40kw     150m 4.5*1.5*1.8m 3200KG

    FD Cuttings Transfer Pump Features 
    1.Plunger pump with hydraulic oil lubrication system
    2.Safer electrical control system avoid operation with load
    3.High rated working pressure 
    4.Compact design with bigger transfer capcity and long distance as long as 150m 

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