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    Hi G Dryer Shaker

    FD Petrol HG320 High Capacity cuttings dryer shaker,single deck,utilizing vibration system to produce an adjustable High G force up to 8.5, tensioning device screens to be 80 mesh or finer installed on a catch tank to collect recovery drilling fluids from cuttings,pumps and hoses to transfer the drilling fluids back to rig drilling fluids system.Bigger area screens proven to be effective in solids/liquid separation.VFD control panel make your two version electric(50HZ/60HZ) interchangeable freely.

    FD Petrol High G Dryer Shaker Specifications

    Model HG320
    Vibration Mode Linear Motion
    Vibration Motor 2*1.9KW USA Martin Motor
    Vibration Strength 8.5G Adjustable
    Screen Dimension  2850mm (4 Panel 630x1250mm )
    Screen Area 3.2㎡
    Screen Size API40/API80
    Treating Capacity 850-900GPM
    Deck Adjustament  -1°~5°
    Dimension  2950x1720x1650mm
    Control Panel Explosion Proof  :ExdII BT4 
    Catch Tank 2300*1800*900mm 

    High G Dryers Features and Benefits:
    1.Linear motion, the drill cuttings can move on the screen surface regularly and smoothly.

    2.Super G force reaches to 8.5G,better cuttings dryer performance
    3.4 Panel bigger shaker screens ,higher treating capacity
    4.AWD-1°~+5° adapt to different drilling conditions and mud property
    5.VFD control panel, two version electric (50HZ/60HZ) interchangeable freely.

    FD Petrol Drilling Waste Management & Solids Control & Rig Camp